Delivery & Pickup

Standard Delivery starts at $85 round-trip:

- 3 hr delivery windows required.
- During business hours.
- Within 30 minutes/miles of our office.
Setup and Breakdown is not included. 

Additional Fees

In addition to the Standard Delivery fee of $85 R/T the following fees may apply:

Excess Mileage:
During business hours but more than 30 miles or 30 minutes from our office: $4/mile or $4/minute
(We use the highest estimated travel time/distance).

After Hours:

Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
Before 7 am: $100 Before 7 am: $100 Before 11:59 pm: $300
7 am - 9 am: $50 7 am - 10 am: $50 After 12 am: Call for Pricing
9 am - 5 pm: (included) 10 am - 2 pm: (included)  
5 pm - 10 pm: $50 2 pm - 10 pm: $50  
10 pm - 11:59 pm: $100 10 pm - 11:59 pm: $100  
After 12 am: Call for Pricing After 12 am: Call for Pricing

Less than a 3 hour delivery or pickup window provided: $50

Excess Load-in:
Load-in or pick-up further than 50' from our truck or involving stairs or elevators: starting at $50 

Due to the congested nature of traffic in Austin during the SXSW Festival, and the subsequent increase in the amount of time it takes us to make deliveries, we have increased delivery prices during those 2 weeks.  Please Call for Pricing.

Other Services

24-Hour Assistance

Have an after-hours emergency? Call us on our emergency line: (512)791-9090

Site Visits
Looking to plan your company barbeque? Exhibiting at a tradeshow? Does your event need a VIP lounge or green room? Call us!
We offer complimentary site visits at your event location. We'll give you an estimate for what your setup might cost. This ensures that you get exactly what you want, and it'll help our crew plan accordingly for the area and terrain.